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Baby Sewing

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It took me three years (literally) to finish Judah’s “baby” quilt. The pattern wasn’t that difficult, and I enjoy sewing, but I didn’t finish it before he arrived, and after he was born I just had very little time to sew. I have a quilt I’d like to make for this new baby as well, but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a long-lasting sewing project again, so I have all of the quilt materials and I put them aside for another day (3 years from now).

And instead, I decided to make some very tangible baby things– a hat and pants. Why those you ask? I will not lie, it is because I found a knit fabric that I fell in love with, and those are two of the easiest baby things to make with a knit fabric. (The fabric is called “Tiny Dragons,” I mean honestly, how do you pass that up?) I found free patterns online, and the patterns didn’t look too difficult. I haven’t used a sewing pattern since I was probably 10 years old, so I needed something really simple  to start with.

IMG_7213I read a review of free online baby pants patterns and picked the “Baby Got Back” pattern. I had a knit fabric,  and I plan to cloth diaper with baby two, so this pattern seemed like a good fit.

Then I just looked for a free knot-hat tutorial, and found one that was easy to follow and looked cute. This is the one I went with.

I’ll admit the pants were a bit of a challenge for me. I’m not terribly patient, and having not worked with a pattern in many years it took me some time to get the hang of it. Also, sewing with a knit, and using the stretch stitch on my sewing machine were both new, so I had a lot to learn. The second pair came together a lot faster than the first though, and it wasn’t too difficult. I did the hats second, and they really were super easy and super fast to put together. Plus, I think they’re ridiculously adorable.

Now, I haven’t tried to wash them yet, so they may very well fall apart at the seams, but I enjoyed making them.IMG_7146

I find it remarkably rewarding to make something that I actually use. This is why it’s fun for me to make quilts, or to garden, say. I enjoy pulling something out and knowing that I put thought and effort (and probably some salty language) into making it. I love seeing Judah’s quilt beaten up and dirty on the ground, or wrapped around him as he sleeps. I enjoy eating our too-small tomatoes each summer and finding excuses to chop up our garden herbs, because it reminds me of the time that Judah and I spend outside planting, weeding, and talking to our “Tomato Gnome.”

Overall, it was a fun and manageable project for this point in pregnancy. Now we’ve just got 4.5 weeks (or so) until Baby Two arrives. And at least they’ll have a pair of pants and a hat, even if nothing else is ready!


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  1. So glad my review was helpful, and the sets turned out absolutely darling! Hope the end of pregnancy treats you well 🙂

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